Melinda Toya Fragua

Melinda Toya Fragua

(1959 - )


Hailing from Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico, and a member of the Water Clan, Melinda Fragua has been making pottery for over 25 years. The award-winning daughter of Mary E. Toya and sister of Marie Toya, Melinda Fragua specializes in storytellers, nativities, koshares and friendship pots. Originally taught by her mother, Melinda is a member of the very active Toya and Fragua potting families. She digs her clay from the Jemez Reservation, uses natural slips and fires her pottery outside in nature. Melinda Toya Fragua has won numerous awards at Northern Indian Pueblos Arts & Crafts Show. Her work has been featured in the book Pueblo and Navajo Contemporary Pottery  By Guy Berger and Nancy Schiffer.


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