Joseph Cosby

Joseph Cosby

(1942 - )


Joseph Cosby has enjoyed a remarkable life and artistic journey. His photographic collection named, Searching for my Lost Tribe, reflects at a visceral level his quest spanning five continents and fifty years to find the mother, father, brothers and sisters lost to him when he was adopted as an orphan in infancy. 


A self-taught artist who moved from color imagery to primarily working in black and white photography, Cosby’s interest is in forging a deeply subliminal communication between his art and the person looking at his art. His photographs reveal a life-long effort to explore and understand the stories of lives different from his own. “A roll of the dice, a flip of the coin far over there – that could have been me, my mother, my father, my brother, my sister, you…,” writes the artist.


Having been employed by the International Press Corps as a street photographer and traveling all over the world, Cosby relies on those techniques of an earlier era employed in the dark room. He creates powerfully affecting images that are both intimately personal portraits of people he has met, known, loved and never forgotten, as well as universal representations of human beings that we instantly recognize to be essentially exactly the same as we are.


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