Javier L贸pez Barbosa

Javier L贸pez Barbosa

(1962 - )


Born in Mexico, Javier Lopez Barbosa is one of the most distinctive, non-objective painters practicing in the Southwest. Barbosa鈥檚 paintings are dedicated to free expression of the artist's ideas and feature singularly glossy surfaces that draw us in and urge us to focus on the roiling, dynamic compositions beneath and which seem to spread out beyond the edges of the canvas. Barbosa has perfected a beautiful, mixed-media-on-canvas technique that could be best viewed as an outgrowth of glazing. The paintings project a lucidity that deploys color in large fields with incorporations of texture and form that expand upon the tendency of Color Field painting within Abstract Expressionism. Barbosa鈥檚 paintings exploit the expressive power of color and communicate intense emotions that come from within. They allow the viewer their own experience and to see within the artist's paintings something deep and beyond the colors themselves, perhaps a sense of infinity and transcendence itself.  


For decades, the work of Javier L贸pez Barbosa has been exhibited with collectors worldwide. The artist made Santa Fe, New Mexico, his home in 1990 and continues to find inspiration in the brilliant light and dramatic scenery of the Southwest.







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