Eli Levin

Eli Levin

(1938 - )


Eli Levin, A.K.A., Jo Basiste


Eli Levin is an American postwar & contemporary painter. He is considered an iconic artist who came to fame beginning in the late 1960s in Santa Fe, New Mexico. His friends and creative collaborators were other, now legendary artists such as Earl Biss and T.C. Cannon depicted in this painting, both of whom came out of the fabled Institute of American Indian Arts. Numerous key galleries and museums, including The Harwood Museum of Art in Taos, New Mexico have featured Levin's work. Eli Levin has been a realist painter throughout his career, with many of his works focusing on narrative social commentary. While the greater part of Levin’s work is in the medium of egg tempera, he is prolific in oils, watercolors and intaglio printmaking as well.


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