Bren Price

Bren Price

Bren Price has lived in Taos, New Mexico, since 1983. Her art career has taken her around the world as a teacher and student and early on she worked at an ad agency in Chicago. Price's work is part of public and private collections in New Mexico as well as abroad. Her book, Inside the Wind, is about change, inspired by the ever present wind on the Llano Estacado where she was born and spent the whole of her childhood with the freedom to roam in the physical as well as in the spiritual sense.

About her work, Bren reflects, โ€œFor me, the freedom of going into another realm where there are no rules, no boundaries, just that oneness of being in process with the creation, is what being an artist is about. . . I want viewers to become such a part of my work that they are filled with questions, not answers; that they must interpret what is there, and that they will find something in my work that is theirs alone โ€“ a journey of discovery.โ€

Bren Price has been painting for over forty-five years and continues to hone her craft. Bren paints in many styles and mediums but, for the most part, the artist works expressionistically in watercolor. Sometimes her work is straightforward in its meaning and other times it is like a riddle unfolded for the viewer.


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