Bill Gersh

Bill Gersh

(1943 - 1994)


A self-described outlaw artist, poet and former member of Magic Tortoise Commune in La Lama, New Mexico,  Bill Gersh was part of the hippie influx of artists to Taos in the late 60's. This gonzo artist worked in many styles and mediums with an intensity and expressionistic quality that truly defined his subjects. Whether assemblage, painting, drawing, printmaking, or an amalgamation of them all, Gersh managed to have an easily discernible style. During the early 1980s, he lived and worked in New York City, landing in an industrial loft in the midst of the lower West Side meatpacking district. It was a rough-and-tumble neighborhood, but Bill Gersh held out for survival, living the life of the outrageous artist and reveling in the frenetic energy of his works and life alike. Many of his iconic works derives from this time period.




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