Beau Tsatoke

Beau Tsatoke

Beau Tsatoke is from the Kiowa Nation. Known for breeding horses, in particular, "Appaloosas" that were trained for both their strength and endurance on the hunt. The name "Tsatoke means, “Searching for Horses". Beau continues the story of the Kiowa Nation in his exceptional "Ledger Art" first introduced through Trading Post as far back as the 1850"s. 


In the images of the Kiowa warriors, the “bun” style hair of the (Kiowa) horse is so that the long tails of the horses could not be grabbed and pulled on by their enemies. Feathers from the tails of eagles, and hair from the tails of bison were in place to deflect incoming arrows from their foes.


Kiowas warriors would cut off their right hair braid so that it could not become entangled in their arrows. This particular style of presenting the Kiowa history is a personal desire of  Beau to continue the tradition of his people.

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