Arthur Haddock

Arthur Haddock

(1895 - 1980)


Born in 1895 near the California foothills of the Sierra Nevada, Arthur Haddock became known for his En plein air desert landscape paintings in oil and watercolor. He often painted the same view multiple times, each time adding, omitting, or emphasizing different elements of his composition. Haddock studied at the San Francisco Art Institute, but was primarily self-taught. Maynard Dixon, considered to be one of the finest artists of the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries, became Haddock's close friend and mentor in 1914. The two traveled and painted together throughout the American Southwest. Haddock moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 1947, and he also had a home and studio in Prescott, Arizona. 


A very private man, Arthur Haddock declined to sell most of his painting, although he had the occasional show. During the 1950s, Haddock painted two hundred four-by-five-inch oil paintings of the view from his framing shop window. He became part of the legendary Taos Society of Artists, and upon his death in 1980, hundreds of paintings from a lifetime of work filled his Santa Fe residence. 



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