Alcario Otero

(1951 - )


Alcario Otero is a master gesso relief artist, born in Tome, New Mexico. Juried into Spanish Market in 1990. Received Best of Show/Grand Prize Award at 1995 Spanish Market. Gerald Peters Award at 1995 Spanish Market. First Place, Bulto Award at 1993 and 1995 Spanish Markets. One of his bultos was given to Pope John Paul II.



Gesso Relief:

Gesso reliefs are a subset of retablos, or wooden panels that are painted on one side with Christian devotional images. Rather than being flat, these panels have three-dimensional elements that are separately cast and applied or built-up directly on the panels using thickened gesso adhered with animal-hide glue to provide relief before hand-carving and painting with hand-made mineral pigments. The tradition arose in Spain and was carried into what is now the North American Southwest via Mexico.







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