Edward S Curtis

A Wappo Woman, plate #491, 1924
18.50 x 13.75 in
Framed: 25.50 x 21 in
Wappo woman, plate 491 from the portfolio The North American Indian, volume 14, The Kato. The Wailaki. The Yuki. The Pomo. The Wintun. The Maidu. The Miwok. The Yokuts., 1924, photogravure. Printer: Suffolk Engraving Company, Cambridge, Mass. The Wappo are an indigenous people of northern California. Their traditional homelands are in Napa Valley, the south shore of Clear Lake, Alexander Valley, and Russian River valley. They are distantly related to the Yuki people, from which they seem to have diverged at least 500 years ago.[4] Their language, Wappo, has been influenced by the neighboring Pomo, who use the term A'shochamai or A'shotenchawi (transcribed as Ashochimi by some authors), meaning "northeners", to refer to the Wappo.