Dick Jemison: Loose Signals

The power of Dick Jemison’s work is expressed through the dynamic interplay of color, texture, and a visual lexicon akin to hieroglyphs. Each element has been culled from Jemison’s experience in tribal African and Aboriginal cultures. His lexicon is born of an “automatic,” subconscious exploration, which is echoed by rich textures, dark umbers, vibrant oranges, and ethereal violets and blues ~ all local colors of the earth and sky. The steady elaboration of subconscious characters traces a movement from the dark reaches of the mind to an open presentation on the canvas’s surface.  In this way, Jemison makes the unseen seen, the personal universal, and the idiosyncratic empathetic. His work suggests a liminal world where loose signals elaborate vital patterns that are of this world, but not.


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