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Aguilar, Vidal
"Black Geometric Floral"
H:19.5 x W:13
Vidal Aguilar (1972 - ) is a member of the famous Aguilar family of potters dating back to the late 1800s with the Aguilar sisters of fame.
Vidal Aguilar makes some of the largest ollas at Santo Domingo Pueblo. The Aguilar family have been known for their large ollas and storage jars for generations. Vidal’s pots are hand coiled, painted with mineral and vegetal pigments, and fired in a pit the old fashioned way.
Kewa (formerly Santo Domingo) Pueblo is one of the best known tribes of the Southwest Indians, largely because of the skill demonstrated in marketing their crafts. The Pueblo is fifth in population of the nineteen New Mexico Pueblos, and is generally considered the most conservative in terms of customs and culture. The pottery of this pueblo is strictly traditional, reproducing with care, the ancient forms and decorations.