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Morris, Kathleen
"Self Portrait"
Oil on Canvas
H:28 x W:24
"The imagery in my work has come to me, as much as I have called it out of that 'vast silence' of collectivity. The human figure holds a passionate centrality in my painting and has led me to place the archetypal figures in a setting that floats freely in time and space."
  • Kathleen Morris
    Kathleen Morris was born in Stillwater, Oklahoma, the eldest of ten children. She studied at the Academia Carra in Bergamo, Italy and in 1983 was selected to show at the Salon d' Automne in Paris. From Paris she returned to Itlay where she worked for another year and was nominated for The Awards in the Visual Arts.

    Morris' paintings with their "glazed, scumbled, and layered surfaces bring to mind Italy's ubiquitous frescoes and murals, stained and marred with age," say critic Kathleen Shields. The imagery in the paintings , somehow as ancient as that crumbling Italian fresco, causes us to talk about our own dreams and inner imagery as if part of us immediately recognizes and picks up the tread of an old conversation. Writing in Art in America, Kathleen Shields adds, "Amorphous shapes emerge from the densely layered ground pentimenti; other forms, particularly human faces or nudes, condense into firm, though softly modeled images." Those images are the oddly familiar shapes of our own interior lives.