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Furlow, Malcolm
"Little Big Horn"
Acrylic on Canvas
H:46 x W:58
Malcolm Furlow is known for strong color combinations that make his expressionist paintings of Indian themes come alive with feeling. As a one-time set designer for Walt Disney he learned to work with bold primary colors, later adapting them to his paintings of Indians - his favored subject since he began drawing as a boy.

When asked about the bright images he creates, which are fragmented by color, he says they are β€œ. . . a metaphor for the human condition. The further Native Americans are removed from their heritage and embraced by anglo culture, the greater the conflict that results. This is the dichotomy that fuels the fires for my paintings.” Driven by his own passion for painting, Furlow names Fritz Scholder as an important influence whose work inspired him to paint large, dramatic canvases.

He has said that his β€œ . . . first love is painting. I can bring my soul to it”, and this is obvious in the strength and emotional impact of his work.

Furlow began painting full time in 1987 and within two years was exhibiting internationally.