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Little Higher Grandpa from the Creatiom Myth © 2009
Haddaway, Ed
"Little Higher Grandpa from the Creatiom Myth"
H:22 x W:22
Haddaway is a sculptor with an international reputation. “I have pursued the irrational, the unconscious, and the parts of myself that are hard to grab hold of, and I have somehow made friends with the absurd. I have hacked away at wood, steel and paint looking for some way to grasp the intangible.”
Haddaway writes, “Public art provokes, entertains, soothes and prods. It runs the gamut in creating reactions, but it should never bore. And while meaning in art seems elusive I am convinced it is there, however difficult it is to ascertain. My own work is in many ways open to interpretation often suggests possibilities rather than demands the absolute. Yet it is in those possibilities that we find our deeper selves and our greater awareness. Public art needs to aspire to that, to inspire and challenge its audience, to be en"joyed" to its fullest, and I am most gratified when my work provokes that sense of wonder and joy, as I believe that is its highest calling.”
Haddaway was awarded a commission to produce sculpture for Albuquerque’s Tingley Park. The award quickly became bogged down in bureaucratic confusion and seemed destined to sink into a bottomless tar-pit. With the assistance of Jaeger, the quagmire was resolved, and he and artist Colette Hosmer received a $300,000 commission to produce the public artwork.