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Consultation © 2009
White, Randy Lee
Oil on Canvas
H:84 x W:66
R Lee White was born in Littlefield Texas in 1951 and attended Texas Tech University.

Randy Lee prefers not to be solely labeled an "Indian artist" a title which encourages
cliche images and categorization, but rather simply, an artist of mixed Scottish and non enrolled Southern Plains Native heritage. He has a firm base in Native American tradition while having national recognition in the contemporary art world. White has elected to become the artistic continuum between the end of the Plains Indian pictographic tradition ( around 1928) and the present. He not only attempts to bridge between contemporary and traditional art, but also the disparate aesthetic gap as well.

White's painting are given validity by his respect for symbols as more than simple artistic images. He seeks to portray the power of the ancient medicines and capture their spirit power. White's incorporation of actual artifacts within his paintings reaffirms his dedication to the visual integrity of the symbol.

A few of his Public Collections include: Heard Museum, Phoenix, Arizona, Museum of Fine Arts , Santa Fe, New Mexico as well as Chicago Art Institute, Chicago, Illinois, Chase Manhattan Bank, NY and Field Museum, Chicago, Illinois.