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Calling All Angels © 2009
Roybal, Lor
"Calling All Angels"
Acrylic on Paper
H:10 x W:13
Lor Roybal was born in 1949 in the shadow of "The Hermit's Peak," near the small village of Beulah, New Mexico. Raised by her grandparents in this rural landscape of Northern New Mexico, Lor developed a strong appreciation for open spaces and nature. In this vast, raw land, her imagination was free to wander, and her eyes learned to look with more than just a passing glance. Those childhood experiences have helped to form the artist who still enjoys the rural landscape of "del Norte". Roybal now makes her home in Pecos, in the mountains outside of Santa Fe.

She has exhibited her work in galleries for over 25 years and has been chosen for a museum show at the Museum of Fine Arts in Santa Fe. She has exhibited throughout New Mexico.

Roybal's portraits are colorful and sincere, depicting characters she sees in her dreams and imagination. Her work is in many private collections and has been displayed in the Arlington Museum in Arlington, Texas and the Museum of Fine Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

At first glance, Lor Roybal's paintings appear to be modernist. Patches of blue and orange form a face, while pink and yellow shapes jostle each other to suggest a distant mountain range. But theories about color and form do not inspire Roybal. She paints as a way to explore an internal realm. For her, painting is a "medicine wheel," the source of balance in her life.

Although she also works in oil and watercolors, Roybal is best known for the acrylic-on-paper paintings she exhibits every year in the Contemporary Hispanic Market. Most of these works on paper depict people that Roybal said dwell only in her paintings. She never works from dreams, nor does she have a clear idea of what she is going to paint before she starts.