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Spring Blanket © 2009
Roberts, Dolona
"Spring Blanket"
Acrylic on Canvas
H:36 x W:36
"Dolona Roberts born in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1936. She studied art at the University of New Mexico 1957-59, and at Colorado Collage Fine Art Center, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 1955-57. Today she lives and works in her hometown, Santa Fe, New Mexico."

"As a child one could find her mixing paints next to her Cherokee grandmothers knees at the historical market place in Santa Fe."

"Fascinated by the historic structure and the pueblo Indians wrapped in their colorful blankets inspired her to become an artist. This early influence, the heritage of New Mexico, its lifestyle and Indian philosophy, is still visible in her work."

"Dolona Roberts paintings in oil, acrylic, pastel on canvas and paper show sculptural forms and bright colors. Her elementary compositions and abstract patterns make witness of us to the celebration of eternal mysteries."


Credit: Christa Nuzinger