Molly Heizer

Molly Heizer

(1956 - PRESENT)


Molly Heizer is considered a significant contributor to American folk art. Heizer creates ceramic sculptures which pay homage to the culture, symbols and characters found in Native American history, particularly the history of the Pueblo Native Americans. Sculptures are hand-formed using low-fire terra cotta clay and slab and coil methods. Heizer’s collection spans over 40 years.


Ancient Native American art is narrative in quality. It is expressive and communicative in nature. Similarly, Molly Heizer’s present-day interpretations of ancient Indigenous art tell a story. The artist creates animals adorned with the designs of the Southwest. She also crafts Kachinas, which she often turns into totem poles ranging from two to ten feet in height. While Molly Heizer’s art encourages the viewer to respect and protect life on earth and remember to appreciate the simple things, the artist’s ultimate goal is to put a smile on the viewer’s face. 


Molly Heizer’s home studio is located in Aspen, Colorado, at 10,000 feet on the backside of the Aspen Mountain Ski Area where the artist is surrounded by natural beauty, a never-ending source of inspiration. Her work has been exhibited in several galleries in Colorado, New Mexico and California.


“The fun comes not only in creating these one-of-a-kind sculptures, but also in learning about the animals and Kachinas. I hope my pieces put a smile on your face as they do mine.” 

Molly Heizer

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