Gretchen Wachs

Gretchen Wachs

Gretchen Wachs is a Santa Fe artist working in an abstract expressionist tradition. Her glazed ceramics and mixed media paintings on panel are strongly influenced by her connection with nature and a meditative expression of the sub conscious. The seduction of the clay and the immediacy of painting are the inescapable confrontations that compel Gretchen's work.. "I have come to realize that when I am able to let go and trust, something wonderful can happen." The duality of awareness and emotional expression define her work and give it an inescapable balance between traditional form and abstract imagery. Hello Susan & Igor,


In a quote by Gretchen Wachs the artist shares that "ceramics and art have a companionship since the very beginning of time". Lured in by its versatility and provocation early artists discovered the magic of clay/ceramics. Upholding age old techniques with a very  "unique twist" and personalization, Gretchen's collections have been feature in several Interior Design Houses throughout the West. Southwestern colors, textures and hieroglyphics bring her totems to life for the viewer. 






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