Estella Loretto

Estella Loretto

Estella Loretto is currently the only Native American woman working in monumental bronze sculpting. She is recognized internationally as one of the finest sculptors living today. Her sculptures have an essence of strength, grace and serenity. Her genuine spiritual nature defines her commitment to integrity and authenticity in her art and in her life.


Estella was born into a world of artistic tradition which started in the Pueblo of Jemez,  New Mexico. Leaving the Pueblo at the age of 15, she spread her wings to explore other cultures around the world. Her curiosity and desire for adventure took her to Europe, Nepal, Japan and Australia, to mention a few.


Estella Loretto has studied and trained with many mentors, including her mother, but most notably Allen Houser, who encouraged and lead her to monumental sculpture.


Today, Estella is sculpting on a smaller scale, making exquisite wearable art.


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