Bill Worrell

Bill Worrell

Bill Worrell

From Art, Texas, Bill Worrell creates art work that reflects images of ancient figures, mystical forms, and a deep reverence for the place of human beings in the universe. His goal is to convey a sense of connection between past and present people, especially those of the Lower Pecos River area.

Because he has such deep feelings and extensive ideas about these interrelationships, he often writes extensively on the backs of his canvasses or engraves his bronzes. He lives on scenic ranch land on the banks of the Llany River and works from a studio he built himself.

He is a multi-talented man-- sculptor of Indian shamans, painter, jewelry maker, author, and ceramist, and he is also an accomplished musician and gardener. Worrell has a fine-arts degree from North Texas State University and was an art professor there for 18 years. 

In 1979, while canoeing on the Lower Pecos River, he found traces of an ancient culture including paintings thousands of years old, and this was the defining experience that set his course of expression. Seeing the ancient art, he felt the presence of its creators and a sense of having a bridge to earlier times. He believes his own mission is to keep a sense of those times alive through depictions of contemporary shamans whose roots go far back into tradition.


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