Rock Newcomb

Whispers on the Wind
Acrylic on Panel
13 x 39 in
Framed: 22 x 48 in

The piece is framed in a pale rustic wooden molding with a dark antiqued gold inner lip and a linen liner. Plate: "Whispers on the Wind" Artist- Rock Newcomb Verso: [handwritten on backside of panel] This painting features five Tularosa ceramics, circa A.D. 1200-1300. These pieces generally come from the Snowflake/St. Johns areas of east-central Arizona, near the New Mexico border. Tularosa pieces were among the finest examples of prehistoric black-on-white ceramics ever produced. Pieces shown here, left to right: pitcher with dog handle- it appears to have a burden basket; pitcher with frog effigy; canteen with antelope? effigy; duck-bodied pitcher; pronghorn inspired canteen with animal wearing a necklace. "Whispers in the Wind" Acrylic original, Rock Newcomb (artist's signature)